The U.T.U. College & Professional Athlete Training Program  is designed to help current collegiate athletes, professional athletes to reach their goals faster. Our team of expert coaches, performance specialists and athletic trainers design and develop fully customizable plans to meet every athlete’s individual goals.

Pro Training

The U.T.U. Pro Training program is for professionals looking to take their game to the next level during offseason. Professional participating in the program will participate and receive :

  • Individual Skills Training
  • Weight Training 
  • Meal Plans
  • Controlled Competitive Scrimmages 
  • Performance Training
  • Intense Conditioning
  • Pro Ams ( JBL & Legacy)
  •  Rehab/Yoga

U.T.U. will design a custom training program that best fits athletes  goals and needs.

Off - Season: June 17 - September 1

College Academy

The U.T.U. College Academy program will be open to current college players of all levels (D1-D3, NAIA, and Juco.)  Athletes will be trained in individual and group setting. They will experience a high intensity training program like professionals. Student - Athletes in this program will receive :

  • Elite Coaching
  • Meal Plans
  • Weight Training
  • Individual Skills Session
  • Performance Training
  • Advanced Skills Training
  • Controlled Competitive Runs 
  • Personal Development  
  • Rehab/Yoga

Collegiate Off-Season: June 10 - June 30 and August 5 - August 25


#GorillaRun is a private and exclusive offering provided by the U.T.U. to select Collegiate and Professional athletes  .  The U.T.U.. Gorilla Run is an invite only, highly competitive, and structured open run style setting. 

Program Question & Answers 

"What will my schedule look like ?"

A typical training day includes 2-4 hours of on-court work,  1 hour of performance training, and 1hour of strength training. 

"Who will I be training with ?"

It depends on the time of year. You will either receive 1-on-1 training/facility use or be part of a small group of athletes with a similar level of skill.

"How much is the Pro/College Training Program ?"

You can customize your own training schedule and package. Your price will be determined on your plan. Contact the Program Director for more information. 


“With U.T.U. it's all real work, no gimmicks over here. Their emphasis is complete player development".

- Brandon Taylor (Former Utah PG and Overseas Pro)  Team: Le Mans / France