U.T.U. Post Graduate Program Fees

Post Grad Tuition 

Commuter Tuition  $15,000.00
Boarding Student  $22,000.00

Post Graduate Program11 - Months

Post Grad NR (Non- refundable) Down payment $2,500.00

Tuition Monthly Payments

Commuter Monthly Fee (After NR Down Payment)
Boarding Monthly Fee (After NR Down Payment)

Additional Fees

Student  Stipend: It is REQUIRED that you provide your child and monthly stipend (year-round) for hygiene necessities/laundry. U.T.U. DOES NOT supply these items. We do however make weekly trips to the store to ensure that our students are able to purchase these items.

Traveling Fees 

  • It is REQUIRED for parents/guardians to provide their child with a  stipend for snacks and meals while we are traveling.

  • It is REQUIRED that players are provided  with a stipend for hygiene necessities when we are traveling.

Questions & Concerns 

 Please contact Director

Myles Thomas

Cell Phone: (323) 518 - 5886 | Office Phone: (424) 331 - 5110